Saliva Based Drug Tests

The 5 and 6 panel oral Fluid Device is a revised product adding the simplicity of a one piece-one step oral drug kit that provides fast accurate results Our Saliva drug test does not require special training but does come with a training CD to assist your staff with accurate test procedure and answers for any questions. Our oral fluid 5 and 6 panel drug test is a non-invasive method for the detection of multiple drugs in oral fluids. The oral fluid device allows you to do observed collections without privacy issues and eliminates the need for urine collections and same-gender sample collections. Drug test results in just 10 minutes. Oral drug kits eliminate the need for special equipment, same sex collectors and complicated training. Oral drug kits can be used on-site anytime, anywhere. For Forensic Use ONLY.

• Saliva Tests come in 5 and 6 panel configuration
• Sold in Boxes of 25
• Self Test Administered