Integrated E-Z Split Key Cup

The Integrated E-Z Split Key Cup is the only urine test cup that S1-Safety 1st proudly stands behind because of its unique “locking" security. It contains a rubber leak-resistance seal inside the cup lip which makes it safe to send to our certified lab/MRO. It is combined with a hinged lid that makes for easy open/close, a tamper proof test card and a temperature strip.

What is this "LOCK"? The lock discourages cheating. "How? Imagine giving your employees the chance to start a drug test on their own – HAVOC! Many other urine drug tests allow this to happen. Once a drug test has been started, you CAN NOT start the test again. So a “CHEATER” can actually spit in a cup, with no lock, let the saliva (any liquid will start a test) run into the test strips, the test runs– then the employees can urinate into the cup, fresh urine, temperature is good, and his positive urine will NOT SHOW because the test has already been completed. Presto – the test was easily beaten. With our lock, this can't happen! It doesn't matter what you add to the cup because you get to see the test before it runs – spit all you want, add fake pee, add water, does not matter because (a) the temperature strip will get you, (b) the lock will get you!!!! Furthermore, the tamper proof test card can't be manipulated because that too is locked in.

We are confident that you too will see that the S1 Integrated E-Z Split Key Cup is the most reliable test cup on the market.

• Test cups come in 3, 4, 5, 8, 10 and 12 panel configurations
• Sold in boxes of 25
• Tests cups are FDA and CLIA waived
• Self test administered


Type: Drug Test