On-Site Drug Testing

“On-site” is exactly what it means. S1-Safety 1st will come to you anytime, anywhere. Whether it is at the construction site, office building, shipping port, etc.  S1-Safety 1st will get there and get the job done right.

What happens when a S1-Safety 1st drug tech comes on-site test?  They will professionally collect a urine specimen from the employee, do a preliminary instant drug test (takes minutes) and then send all contested positive drug tests to MRO/Lab. Final results will be given to you within 24-72 hours (depending if medications are involved).

Why do on-site drug testing?
You save time and money. You will not believe your eyes or checkbook!
• We become a “visual” to your employees.
• Your employees will see your company as a ‘serious’ Drug Free Workplace. Trust us when we say that your employees will recognize the drug testing car approaching every time!
• There are no excuses of why they could not test.  S1-Safety 1st is already there.
• How do you get started?  JUST CALL to make your appointment!  We are certified to perform DOT, Non-Federal and NCAA urine collections.

Do-It-Yourself Drug Testing Products
Do-it-yourself means just that! Get trained as a collector and get literally into your drug testing program.  Whether it’s in your office building or on your construction site, S1-Safety 1st will have you trained to perform the perfect collection.

Why Do-It-Yourself?
You save more time and more money. You will not believe your eyes or checkbook!
• You will become a “visual” to your employees.
• You can get your “new hires” on the job quickly, bang out a random when you think there is a problem and your post accidents can be done in seconds.
• Your employees know that you can test them at anytime, anywhere.
• The cost is VERY inviting with no appointment needed!

S1-Safety 1st stands behind their entire drug testing product line. We pride ourselves on using the BEST, not the WHATEVER!

You do just as it says, walk-in! S1-Safety 1st knows that it’s important to have this type of facility available for post accidents and pre employment drug testing for companies that are spread thin around the country.  For your convenience, S1-Safety 1st offers three Lab services (LabCorp, Quest and Alere) so we can guarantee multiple locations in your area.
Along with the best walk-in care, you will have prepared chain of custodies, secured web access for results with archive secured e-mailed results as soon as they are available, appointment access and a locator to help you find the nearest facility.