First Aid


The S1-Safety 1st First Aid Team is your only choice when it comes to the perfect team effort.  The First Aid Team specializes in on-site, First Aid services for any type of construction project.  Our staff is compiled of the top rated Paramedics and EMT's who are comfortable in any construction site settings.  All of our employees will have their OSHA 30 along with courses in trenching, shoring, excavation, ergonomics, job inspections and so much more.  We are not a sit-and -wait-for-an-incident-to-happen company.  We go out and prevent, while being a great right hand to your safety department.
We understand our reason for being on your site.  (1) When people are running out of the building, we are running in (2) we keep the severely injured stable until the ambulance comes in, and mostly importantly (3) we keep the less injured on the job site.

Package pricing is also available with our #1 rated on-site drug testing program.  You will always have FREE use of our SAMHSA certified labs and medical staff.  Ask us how to get a drug free work site for FREE!

Why S1-Safety 1st First Aid?

  • SKILLED - All employees are EMT or Paramedic certified with plenty of OHSA class experience.  The more construction knowledge we have, the more incidents we can prevent.
  • AFFORDABLE & HONEST - No markups on equipment or supplies - we show you the receipts. Timecards of S1-Safety 1st employees are always signed by your staff for billing.
  • COMMITTED - We do more than just wait for accidents to happen.  We look to prevent accidents from happening.  We educate, we help with orientation, we walk the job site, we train, patient follow ups, lead safety meetings, heck we like to just be a part of the team.
  • WITH EXPERIENCE COMES CONFIDENCE - In the last 10 years, we have seen a little bit of everything.  Sites that go up, down, across and even under.  We have worked in temperatures that have reached the 100's and fell to the "be-lows".  Doesn't matter, morning or night, we are taking care of our site.  Bridges, condos, malls, hospitals, tunnels, solar, stadiums, OCIP’s, CCIP’s, wrap-up’s, etc. From the East coast to the West coast, the S1-Safety 1st Team is prepared!
  • REFERENCES - We have worked and are currently working with some of the elite construction companies in the world.  We have earned the respect with our hard work on and off the job sites.  References are always available upon request.